K.G. Sukumaran And Associates

The firm, was launched in 1960 by Ar.K.G.SUKUMARAN under the name of “K.G.SUKUMARAN”, Chartered Architect and Planning Consultant. In 1969 the firm was renamed as “K.G. SUKUMARAN AND ASSOCIATES”, Chartered Architect and Consulting Engineers.

The firm is one of the oldest providing architectural and engineering consultancy services in Kerala, India and completed 50 years of service in 2010

In the year 1982 a Branch Office was launched in Doha, Qatar in the name of “ARAB ARCHITECTS AND DECORATORS” undertaking Consultancy service for Architectural, Structural and Electro Mechanical Jobs.  The Firm is a “A” Grade Architectural Consultant Firm now known as “DOHA DESIGN CENTRE”. This firm is run by our Junior Partner Mr. K.S. Anil Kumar B.Sc. B.Arch. AIIA who has been practicing for the past 30 years.  This firm is jointly operated in collaboration with M/s. K.G. Sukumaran and Associates, Cochin.